About Us

Marti Has Solid Experience and Lots of It

Marti has 25 years of accounting experience in a variety of different industries: nonprofit, real estate, automotive, manufacturing, and service industries to name a few.

In addition to her accounting experience, she is a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and assists businesses with software setup, training, 3rd party integration and consulting. She is also an Authorized Intuit Reseller.

Marti Is Good At Cleaning Up Messes

For a variety of reasons, a business’ QuickBooks or accounting can go sideways. Regardless of the reason, Marti doesn’t judge but will come along side you and help you get things straighten out. Her goal is to clean up your accounting and show you how to keep it straight going forward.

Never fear.  Regardless of the state of your accounting (from keeping records on sticky notes to inconsistent entries in your accounting software) Marti can sort you out.

“I thought I was doing OK entering numbers in QuickBooks on a regular basis, but I knew I could be using the software better. Marti came in and set me straight in a morning without making me feel dumb. In fact, she gave me lots of affirmations for my effort and taught me how to use the system more efficiently. I am very grateful that now my checking account is reconciled, and that I know how to record information correctly from this point forward.” ~Malinda

Marti Can Teach You Stuff.

Informally, Marti will teach you while she works with you: She’ll show you how transactions move through QuickBooks combining QuickBooks basics with bookkeeping basics. Translation: After time with Marti you will say, “Oh! I get it now!”

Formally, (no tux required) Marti hosts QuickBooks training sessions at various ports of call in West Michigan. She has also chaired a QuickBooks conference in Grand Rapids where she was a featured speaker and session leader.

Marti Continues To Learn Stuff Too.

Marti attends conferences to keep her QuickBooks skills sharp. She’s a bit of a QuickBooks Geek, in the best way of course.

Marti Is Involved In Her Community.

Marti supports a variety of non-profits through her love of cycling, swimming and running. Every year since 2013, she organizes a team (Cycle for a Cure) to support the MSU Gran Fondo to raise awareness and funds for Melanoma cancer by riding 40 miles!

Marti Likes To Ride Her Bike. She Has Other Likes And Competencies Too.

Marti isn’t all numbers and books. In her down time she rides her bike and participates in various triathlons with her friends and teammates of Real Women Tri multi-sport team.

She loves sports and cheers on all the Detroit sports teams, and observes other people’s gardens. She’s admittedly better with kids and dogs than she is with vegetation; the proof is in her full-grown son and her dog, Tiki, who wags her tail often.